My August Adventures

I’m back! I can’t believe that I was gone for 3 whole weeks! How did you guys survive without me??

My August (even though it’s not quite over yet) has been filled with a lot of adventures.  It’s pretty incredible that I’ve gotten to see so many new things.  At least that’s what the mom’s keep telling me.  I keep trying to tell them that mostly I got to see the inside of our car, but they don’t think that’s as funny as I do.

We drove with a bunch of our friends to Florida to celebrate Rachel’s 30th birthday all together.  For the first few days we stayed in Cocoa Beach, which to my dismay, was not made of cocoa.  But it did have a big sandy beach, a great house with an amazing pool (with a waterfall!) and some really friendly people at the Cocoa Beach Hospital emergency room.

That’s right, I decided that the mom’s were having too much fun with their friends and not paying enough attention to me, so one morning as everyone else was getting ready to go surfing at the beach, I grabbed my g-tube with my toes and kicked so hard that it came out….mission accomplished! After a tiny bit of freaking out by the people who had yet to experience how cool my g-tube stoma looks when it’s just a hole, the mom’s and my Steve, piled into the car and went to the emergency room to make sure that Mama C had put the foley catheter in the right place.  Here’s what I found out about American hospitals – they give you stuff! By the time the 4 of us walked out of there Mama C was carrying a whole bunch of stickers, a syringe that I had decided to play with, a teddy bear and a brand new knitted blanket! Plus, I don’t know how often the people there get to see someone as cute as I am, so I also got a bunch of visitors just coming in to say hello and tell me that I’m adorable. To be honest I got to hear that a lot on trip, especially from my new friends (guys, I have older friends now too – they’re super cool) – Marcel, Andre, Shanelle and my birthday twin Daniele.  They are Rachel’s brothers and sisters and I spent a whole lot of our time in Florida getting to hang out with them – we got to spend a lot of time together in the pool, walking around the parks and snuggling at night. I miss them already.

After our time in Cocoa Beach, we piled back in the cars and drove to Orlando! Our house there was in this gated community, and our house was huge and had 2 pools! One right outside of our house and then one at the community clubhouse.  We didn’t spend a lot of time at that house though, because we were too busy doing cool things like going to Walmart, hanging out at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, having dinner at Bubba Gump Shrimp, and you know…going to DISNEY WORLD!

People, it’s magical.  I can’t believe I had never been there before! We were just walking down the street and BAM! there was a parade! Then we kept walking and BAM! there was Mickey Mouse! It’s crazy!

We started the day with a big step for me.  As soon as we stepped onto Main Street USA, we walked into a building and  I was greeted by this lovely woman named Barbara, who escorted me to my very own big girl chair.  From there, Mommy and my entourage (because that’s how I travel now) kept showing me these crazy cool light up toys while Barbara moved around me super quick.  I didn’t really understand what was happening until the very end, when Barbara reappeared with my very own Mickey Ears that read “First Haircut”….the mom’s paid someone to cut off my long, beautiful locks and then tried to trick me by giving me a pair of mouse ears to distract me from the truth! I was having none of it! That evil Barbara (or Maleficent – her real name) put those ears on my head and I began to scream! I hoped someone would notice and make them put my hair right back, but no one did.  Instead they all just laughed.  I realized after a bit more pouting that I’m just as cute with bangs as I was before, so I’ve forgiven them, but I won’t forget.

The rest of the day was pretty magical, once I forgot about my poor hair.  We walked around and saw all of these really cool things.  I got to ride on an elephant that flies (I think Mama C called him Dumbo), on a boat that took us all around the world (it’s pretty small…) and on a beautiful horse that I rode all by myself (if you ignore Mama C holding on to me very tightly as the horse jumped up almost higher than she could reach).  After some ice cream and hot dogs and some downtime to relax, we ended the night with some amazing fireworks and I was asleep before we even got off the monorail.

And just think – that’s only the FIRST part of my month of adventures.  I have more to tell you about – more Florida, Camp JAC, another tooth and our annual trip to the CNE….stay tuned!

Biggest Adventure Yet!

Guys!! I’m leaving! (Not for good, I promise!).  The mom’s and I are running away with a bunch of our favourite people and we’re going to a place called Florida! And more importantly, a place called Disney World!!

You see, our friend Rachel is turning 30 years old and she decided to invite a bunch of cool people down to Florida with her! And so tonight, in about half an hour , we are piling in the car and driving until we reach Georgia.  Then we’ll have a little rest and on Saturday we’ll be in Florida.  I don’t know a lot about trips, this being my first one and all, but Mama C keeps talking about beaches and manatees and sunshine and some guy named Mickey Mouse.  I think that she may even be more excited than I am.

So, with that, I have to go and finish packing my bag.  I’ll see you all when we get back!!