Happiness and Knowing Smiles

A mom post tonight…

There is something about Lily that really seems to attract people.  I know that sounds like a proud mom boasting, and maybe this really does happen to everyone, but we seem to get stopped a lot when we’re out with Lily.  There’s just something about her – her eyes, her squishy faced smile, or most usually, her hair – that makes people want to stop and say hello.

Less often, but more meaningful, are the other’s who stop us.  Mama’s who look at Lily, catch our eye and share a knowing smile.  They are Mama’s who are walking down the same hallway with us at the doctor’s office, or riding the same bus with their own daughter.   Without fail, they wait for the perfect moment and then, gently and never intrusively, come over and just want to share with us how lucky we are.  These are mama’s who tell us of their own children, their own miracles, and just want us to know that beyond any hardships we, or Lily, may face, at the end of the road there is so much love.  It’s always the same message – you’re going to know a love that  you didn’t even know existed.   They will warn us that people will be mean but they tell us to be strong and never give up hope that she will do something amazing with her life.  It always something they repeat – over and over again – don’t think she won’t be able to do it, she’s going to be amazing.  She’s going to surprise you in so many ways and you’re going be so happy that this is your life.  Love her, they tell us, and what you’ll get in return will make up for anything you think you may have lost.

“She said I was lucky – that I’d been offered a shortcut to what life is all about when some people search for it their whole lives and never know.  She said I had a secret – a secret to happiness and that, while some people may look at me and pity me, in time I’d feel like I knew something they didn’t.  “Someday, Kas,” she said, “you’ll feel so happy in spite of their pity glances.  And you’ll wish you could let them know – that you could show them what life is about.” ~ Kelle Hampton; Bloom

Sweet Potatos and Joey`s Birthday

So, a little while ago, I told you guys that I had this cold.  It was super annoying because I couldn’t really breathe and I was all sniffly and gross.  On top of that, it’s already hard for me to swallow sometimes (because of my low muscle tone) that when I’m sick it makes it even harder.  This was especially frustrating because my OT at Sick Kids, Lisa, had given us the green light to start letting me eat all kinds of food, but then I couldn’t because I couldn’t swallow them properly.

But luckily this week, the cold has finally gone away and we’re back on the food train!

I really love eating, as long as I think it tastes yummy.  The mom’s gave me banana cream to try and I got very upset by that (it tastes gross).  But when they give me apple sauce or sweet potato, I just go crazy!  Mama C even let me try a bunch of different things at Easter dinner last week and they were so good…I got to have actual turkey and some stuffing.   She told me that we can have them again at Thanksgiving and even though I actually have no idea what that meant, I’m really looking forward to it!  And just in case you’re worried that the mom’s are just spreading food on my face and telling you that I’m eating, I even have a video to prove how much I’m loving it.  (Please excuse my hair though, I’m battling some cradle cap again and so I have a little olive oil going on – not to mention the goofy looking clips holding it out of my face).

This weekend has been pretty exciting, because I was a guest at my very first birthday party (besides my own).  My friend Joey is turning 3 years old (he’s totally cool like that) and so today I put on my party dress, did my hair all pretty and strapped on my favourite shoes!

When we got there I couldn’t believe how many other kids there were! I got to make some really great new friends: Ava and Heidi and Ella and especially Addison (she’s little like me).  I was a little too excited though, because after hanging out for half an hour, I needed a nap.  Luckily, between Michelle, Lorraine and Theresa, I had no trouble staying cuddled enough for a good sleep.  Afterwards, I even got to play with some toys that I’m usually not allowed to play with, like a bouncy exersaucer (don’t tell my OT Kristen, okay??).

But mostly, it was a pretty exciting day because I really do love my buddy Joey a lot.  In fact, I love all of his family a bunch.  My Theresa has known Mommy for a long long long time and I know that they have a special place for our little family.  Joey treats me so very gently, even though he can be tough with bigger kids, and Joey’s daddy Jason is one of the best cuddlers I know.  He calls me his Pretty Princess and I like that he has a special nickname just for me.  And my Theresa, she’s one of the coolest grown-up’s I know.  She loves to laugh with the Mom’s, but then she always complains about having to pee.  But, in spite of that, she also makes the coolest cakes around! You might remember that she made my beautiful birthday snowflake cake (guys – it was sparkly!!) and today, for Joey’s cake, she made a super cool Thomas (and Percy) cake!  I think I’m pretty lucky to know such great people.


It’s a big deal kind of day. After months and months of working super hard, I finally rolled over from my back to my tummy! And even more, I was able to clear my arm and propped myself up.



Oh excuse me, that’s just my ego

Sometimes it’s hard for me not to get a big head.  I mean, seriously people, I know that I’m cute.  I know that when I glance up at people and give them my squishy face smile, that people melt.  I may only be 16 months old, but I certainly know how to use my cuteness to my advantage.  The mom’s say that I’m learning to be manipulative.  I’ve picked up this little girl cry and I just have to turn it on at the right moment and everyone just stops what they’re doing to pay attention to me.  It’s an impressive power that I have.

But I digress.

The thing is, people are always telling me how I cute I am.  I know that I make a lot of jokes about it on here, but sometimes it’s a little crazy.  Now granted, most of the people who notice already know me in real life, but that’s beyond the point.  Over the weekend one of Mommy’s oldest and best friends, Rita (and her assistant Mike), came to take some photo’s of me.  It was really a lot of fun – I got to sit and just play and hang out while Rita (and her assistant Mike) tried to make me smile for them (I wouldn’t.  I’m a bit of a stinker that way).  Now, with all of their amazing photography skills, the whole world can see, in print, how cute I really am.

First, they took some of me, just being adorable…

No photo shoot would be complete without a cute dog added to the mix (thanks Belle for putting in an appearance!)

And the mom’s had to sneak their way in too…

But my very favourite pictures, are the ones with my Bravery Beads.  These are the beads that I got while I was in the hospital (and just keep accumulating).  Every single bead on the strand represents something that I’ve been through – finger pokes, MRI’s, surgeries, that time I got to ride in an ambulance…I’m pretty proud of those beads….


Hoppy Holidays!

I know that I should be doing a real post, but I’ve had a gross cold all week and instead of blogging about it, all I really want to do is be held and cuddled.  But I decided to at least take 5 minutes tonight and say this…

Hoppy Easter Everyone!!