Hey Canada!

Mama C and I are a little bit the same because we both love the time we spend together just reading new books.  Sometimes we go for a while without being able to get some good “book and cuddle” time in but then we do and we remember why it’s so much fun.

One of the books we’ve been reading is called Hey Canada! by Vivien Bowers (illustrated by Milan Pavlovic) and it is one of my very favourites.  I don’t know if you realize this, but I’m still small so I haven’t had much of a chance to see this crazy big country that we live in.  I mean, I’ve been lucky enough to see lots of Toronto and the other small towns around Grandpa’s house in Frankford,  but what I really want to do is get to see ALL of Canada.  That’s why I like Hey Canada! so much – it’s like I’m on a big road trip seeing all of the cool things that there are to do in each province.

That’s what Cal and Alice and Gram get to do in Hey Canada! They start in Newfoundland and drive ALL the way across Canada….even the super far northern parts! They have a list of things in each province that they have to find before they move onto the next one and they tell us about all of them.  Now there were a lot of things that I didn’t know (again, because I’m small people) but there were lots of times when we were reading that Mama C would stop and start asking Mommy if she knew these things too!

What’s even better is that Cal and Alice and Gram are really funny! The story is mostly by Alice, because she’s writing a blog (just like me!) about their trip, but sometimes Cal and Gram (and their pet Hamster) jump in and say funny things, just like in our family (the Mom’s call this sarcasm).  Mostly Cal makes fun of Alice about snoring (just like Mommy teases Mama C) and Gram gets tired of dealing with 2 crazy kids, but for the most part they’re just having a great trip together.  Sometimes Cal jumps in and shows us these very cool Historical U-Turn’s, which is a little comic to show us what life was like in the olden days.

It’s just a really good book and I’m so happy that Mama C decided to share it with me (and that the people at Tundra Books were so nice to share it with the both of us).  I’ve started bugging the mom’s to take the same trip so that I can use Gram’s poem:

The trip has begun, hooray!

We’re packed and on our way!

From the Atlantic to the Pacific,

It is gonna be TERRIFIC!

Sadly, for now Mama C and I are just going to have to pretend….maybe next year!

Can You See the Difference?

Guys, do you remember what you were doing one year ago today? Because I do…well, kind of.  At this time, one whole year ago, I was actually pretty out of it because I had just come out of my second open heart surgery.  You see, when I was born there were some big time problems with my heart – I had something called an AVSD and coarctation of the aorta.  When I was just 7 days old, and still with my birth parents, the doctors at Sick Kids did my first open heart surgery to make my heart a little better so that I could get strong enough and big enough to have the second surgery and on June 16th last year, they decided that I was finally ready.  Now, I don’t remember a lot of the details (mostly because I was on a lot of drugs) but the mom’s say that today was the first day of a very scary 3 months for them.  My heart surgeon was actually really happy with how well he was able to fix my heart, but as most you know, it was during this surgery that he officially diagnosed me with Pulmonary Vein Stenosis.  He was such a great surgeon though, that he tried to fix that (as best he could) at the same time, so that I wouldn’t have to have ANOTHER surgery, but because he spent so much time playing with my heart, it was too swollen for them to close my chest and I spent 3 more days with my sternum open to let the swelling go down.  Those three days were pretty scary for the mom’s.  I hadn’t even been home with them for 3 weeks and suddenly the heart problem that they had expected from me turned out to be way worse and now they were hanging out in a CCCU room actually being able to look down and see my heart beat.  It was pretty surreal.


And now here we are, one whole year later, and not only is my chest closed up all nicely and my heart is amazing and healthy and my right lung is strong and working hard, but I’m also sitting and seeing and have a tooth.  And I’m playing in the sand for the first time ever, and hanging out with the mom’s and their friends at the park and trying ice cream and slushies (thanks Rachel!).  I don’t know if you guys know, but us babies do a lot of growing up in one year…..







By The Numbers

98582827495: the number of people in line at the Starbucks at Sick Kids today.

189: the number of days before I need to see my cardiologist again.

99: the highest my oxygen saturation levels were at today (does anyone else remember when we were happy when it was 77?)

30: the number of seconds it takes for the technician to actually do an ECG.

10: the number of minutes it takes the technician to set up the ECG.


5: the number of minutes I had to sit in the chest x-ray tube for them to see that my heart and lungs look amazing.

2: the number of naps I got woken up from today so that people could poke and prod at me.

1: the number of lungs I have that are strong enough to do the work of 2 regular working lungs.


Just saying, it’s been a pretty amazing day.