Everything’s Gonna Be Alright

I’ve been home for about 48 hours now and I have to say that this isn’t such a bad gig.  My room rocks, although I guess it’s not quite done yet because Mama C keeps bugging Mommy about doing something called “hanging pictures”.  I don’t know what it means but it sounds important.  My dog Ellie keeps sticking her nose in my face, especially when I’m crying, to make sure that I’m still hanging tough  and people just keep coming over to check out how cute I am (I try really hard to please in that category – I’m being more smiley with everyone and they think it’s pretty adorable.  I saw Mee Maw and Uncle Jeff and Auntie Marina.  Grandma and Grandpa E came over this morning, and I met two new people, Mike and Rita.  I like Mike a lot – he’s pretty funny and they’re cooking me up a friend right now so soon I’ll have even more people to hang out with.







Yesterday Mama C and I had a really nice and relaxing morning.  I ate really well for her so we weren’t so stressed out about my ng tube flying all over the place.  We sang some songs and had some tummy time before she got me all dressed up in one of my new outfits before Mommy came and took me out on an adventure to somewhere called the Earl Beatty Fun Fair.  There were so many things there – a bouncy slide, twisty ladders, a ball hockey tournament and of course lots of people who were very surprised to meet me! Mommy had kept very quiet about my arrival (just in case I decided to go and live somewhere else) so a lot of people from her work and who have known her for a long time were very happy to meet me.













Home Sweet Home

Today was my biggest day so far (at least as far as I can remember, but I am a baby so there’s not a whole lot that I remember).

I got up this morning and I was at Barb’s house.  She bathed me and fed me and put me in a beautiful purple outfit and even put a purple clip in my hair.  I didn’t quite understand the fuss until she reminded me that today was Homecoming Day! Today is the day that I get to go and live with the mom’s forever!!

We all met down at Sick Kids hospital where we had a busy afternoon.  First I got weighed and even though I lost a little bit of weight from being sick last week, I’ve still gained weight from the last time I was there so everyone was happy.  I weigh 10lbs 14oz now and I’m 60cm tall! That’s not as big as typical kids my age, but it’s good for me!

Then the yucky part happened.  Mommy and Mama C hadn’t been taught how to change my Ng tube incase it gets moved or I pull it out.  So the nice nurse Stephanie gave a quick lesson to Mommy and she put a new one in for me.  I really don’t like when that happens (you wouldn’t like it either if someone was sticking a tube down your nose that went all the way down your throat and into your belly) but I think that I handled it really well; I only cried a little and I barely choked on it at all!

Next we changed rooms and I got to see my heart doctor (the mom’s call her my cardiologist).  She asked the mom’s a lot of questions about how I was feeling and my colour and my eating and then said that I looked good (I could have just told her that!).  The she told us that my heart surgery is booked for June 21st, so in less than 1 month I should have a heart that works as well as everyone else!

Once we finished up with the doctor it was time for me to say goodbye to Barb.  I know that the mom’s want to see her again but it was still a bit sad.  I can’t believe she has been a mama to 120 kids and she still managed to love all of us so very much.  I think she was a bit sad to say goodbye to me too but she did it quick because I think it’s a little less hard that way.

So then, me and the mom’s drove home! Well maybe not directly home.  Mommy says that Mama C can’t go straight anywhere – she always thinks of another place to stop.  This time we stopped at a place called Carters and the mom’s brought me inside to buy a whole bunch of clothes – I’m going to be one stylish girl!  We stayed there for a long time and then the mom’s brought me to meet Jason, Theresa and Joey.  I really like Joey and I think he might like me too.  He kept trying to give me his toy car and gave me lots and lots of hugs.  At one point he even climbed right into Mama C’s lap with me.  I hope we get to hang out with him again soon!

Finally we got home and I was tuckered out by then.  The mom’s changed my diaper, put on my sleep sack and before I even realized what was happening I was happily in my crib and sound asleep.

Popular….I’m gonna be Popular

I’ve been very busy and popular this week, which has made it very hard to keep up with this blog already!

Over the weekend I came home to do my first over night visit with Mommy and Mama C.  I could tell that they were very excited but maybe a little nervous too.  My foster mom told them that I had been a bit fussy and off since I had my Echocardiogram and EKG at Sick Kids on Thursday and that I had thrown up my Ng tube every single day.  I tried to tell them that I would try not to do that fun trick for them, but by Saturday night I knew they hadn’t heard me.

We only stayed at home long enough for me to eat (and vomit everything up) say hello to Ellie (the dog) and Morse (the cat) before I was back in my carseat and we were off to meet my first 2 visitors: Gramma & Pa T.  At first it was a quiet little visit – Gramma and Pa each held me and told me that I was beautiful (They should have known that they didn’t need to tell me because I am Pa’s granddaughter) and paid lots and lots of attention to me.  Then, before I knew it a whole lot of other people came in the house and I was being loved and adored from all sides.  There was Kristy and Tia and their mom Deanna who live next door and Marlene who lives close by and seemed to know a lot about G tubes and something called School that she and Mommy were talking about (I hope they know that I’m too little to go there still).  I also ate at Gramma and Pa’s house, but I vomitted everything up again – I think the Mom’s were starting to get nervous)

After that visit we drove all the way back across town and met a whole new group of people: Mee-Maw, Auntie Madison, Michael and Jacob and then people from this place called JAC: Toni, Marlene, Amanda and Lisa.  They all wanted a chance to hold me and kept talking about how much it was going to be when I was at this place called Camp this summer.  I don’t know what Camp is yet, but it sounds fun.

Mommy and Mama C wanted Mee-Maw to try and help feed me because she’s going to be watching me when they go and be Gleeks in a few weeks (that’s a strange thing to be).  But when they went to check my Ng tube, they couldn’t hear the “whoosh” noise and even though I tried to tell them that I wouldn’t throw it up, they were still a bit nervous and so we packed up and ended up at the Emergency Room where nice doctor’s and nurses checked the tube and saw that it was okay.  Then they talked a lot about my vomitting and the doctor told them just to feed me a bit less and a lot more often.  By the time we got home though I was sooooo tired that I fell asleep while I was eating and just went to bed.

I didn’t sleep very well though – I was in a strange new place and my tummy wasn’t feeling good and the bed I was in was very different than my bed at Barb’s house, so I woke up a lot during the night and Mama C was always right there trying to help me feel better, but it just wasn’t a great time.  So when I finally woke up for good in the morning with Mommy I wasn’t in a great mood and I think I was a little cranky all day.  I felt bad about it because that day Grandma and Grandpa E came over with Uncle Jeff and Auntie Marina and they put together my swing!  And I really love my swing a lot! But then they left and MORE people came to visit me (I told you I was popular!).  I got to see Mee-Maw and Auntie Madison and Michael again, and then Auntie CC and Uncle Rico came over too and brought Thor and Georgio with them, which made me happy for a while because I really love Thor (especially when he’s holding me) and he played in my swing too which I thought was pretty funny.   But mostly I thought it was funny that Thor tried to give the cat Ellie’s dog treats! He brought the whole bag out and gave some to Ellie but then chased the cat around the house trying to give her treats too.  He’s a funny guy that Thor – I think I’m going to learn lots from him.

But finally it was time for me to go back to Barb’s house for the night.  I was really tired again and so I fell asleep in my car seat even though there was a really big thunderstorm!   Now it’s just a few more days and 1 more overnight visit until I’m home for good.

I’m new here…

My name is Lily. I’m 5 months old and up until today my life has been a little topsy turvy, but from today on (or so they tell me) things are hopefully going to be a little more stable.

See, I’m getting this thing called Adopted. It means that I’m going to have 2 people (Mama C and Mommy) who love me so much that they want me to come and live with them forever! Up until now I’ve been living with Barb, who is very wonderful but she was just a pit stop until I could get to my forever home.







Mama C and Mommy tell me that I also have a dog named Ellie. I don’t really get what a dog is but I think it has something to do with this thing that keeps sticking it’s cold wet nose in my bassinet. I hope she’s friendly though because I think I’d like to have a lot of new adventures with her.

I also have this thing called Down Syndrome (it means that I have more chromosomes than most people – frankly I think it’s kind of cool). It means that I’m going to have to live up to my nickname: TigerLily and be a fighter because some things in life are going to take a little more work for me. Having Down Syndrome also seems to mean that I have some problems with my heart and this thing that my mom’s call “reflux” which I’ve learned means that I vomit a lot and I really don’t like it. But hopefully before the end of the summer I’m going to have surgery (another one – I had one when I was just teeny tiny so I’m an old pro at that) that will fix my heart and then maybe the vomiting too.

But for now that’s my story. So far my life has been a pretty big adventure so hopefully with this new Ellie dog-person I’ll have a lot more to share.