What is Lily Looking For?


She’s looking for number 100!

100 what, you may ask yourself?

A while ago, we asked the people we love to take a few minutes out of their lives to register to become organ donors.  Originally we set our goal at getting 25 people to register.  We reached that goal and then decided to double it.  Before I knew it, our message had reached 50 people and we decided to double it again.  And now, after checking in tonight, we are at 99 people – one person away from reaching this incredible number!

In Ontario, there are no more cards issued with your driver’s licence asking you to indicate whether you wanted to be an organ donor.  Now, if you want to be an organ donor, you register online with the Ontario-wide Be A Donor program.  You just need to have your health card and 5 minutes of your time and then your choice is linked to the rest of your health card information – simple and straightforward.  Beyond that, it means having the conversation with your loved ones, to ensure that your choice is fully understood.  Sadly, as we all know, so many deaths happen unexpectedly and we don’t have the chance to work out the logistics – those decisions are left to our friends and family.  It can be hard sometimes to have the conversation before hand, it’s such an easy topic to avoid, but it’s such an important one to have.  We’ve had it in our family – multiple times in fact, when dealing with health issues that have come up.   We know who wants to be an organ donor for life-saving purposes, and who would donate organs to research as well – when my Aunt Gail passed away a few years ago, it was an easy decision because she had been very clear about her wishes.   People avoid having the conversation because it’s hard – it’s dealing with unpleasant subject matter, but it’s so much easier to have the conversation now, when that’s all it is – a quick chat – then having to make that decision on someone’s behalf without being sure of what they would want.  By doing these two things – registering through Be A Donor and sitting down with your family and talking it out – it’s one less thing that needs to be “decided” – it just becomes fact.

And sometimes we all just need a little fact to hold onto.  It’s hard sometimes to watch the news, or listen to people speak, and not feel slightly overwhelmed and powerless.  I heard it over and over again with the recent election: why vote when all of the choices are awful? Why should I waste my time when they don’t listen to what I want anyways? This is one thing that we can control, that we have the absolute power in.  Beyond that, to hold on to the fact that something you have chosen is going to directly make someone’s (lots of someones!) life better – if you think about it, just allow yourself to really imagine the gift this person will receive – that’s a pretty amazing image to  hold on to.

So please, if you’ve reading my other pleas and you haven’t registered yet, just grab your health card and 5 minutes of your time before going to bed tonight and register.  If you’ve been reading my pleas and you’ve already registered, then as soon as you stop rolling your eyes and telling me to stop talking about this already, please take that extra 5 minutes to share this post with someone, anyone and hopefully we can hit reach our 100 person goal – and then I can double that again!  With your help, we’ve already done it twice and as they always say, “the third time’s the charm”.

Do it for you, do it for someone else, or Do it for Lily.

Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow

Today I was, once again, reminded that life can sometimes throw you incredible curves and that within mere moments everything can change.  While I’m at home tonight feeling very grateful that our scariest moments with Lily ended happily, my heart is with other people and hoping that, for them, tomorrow is a better day.

Tomorrow is also my dad’s aneurysm surgery.  We’ll be up bright and early to meet him at the hospital downtown before his surgery begins and then then spend the day waiting to hopefully hear that the surgery was a success.  As a bittersweet bonus, Lily actually has an ophthalmology appointment at Sick Kids at 8:30am, just after the surgery begins and it’s directly across the street from Toronto General, so we’ll head over there for some much needed distraction.  There is nothing I hate more than just sitting around in the surgical waiting rooms, it’s like hanging out in the place that time forgot – everything moves so slowly.  But, fingers crossed that by this time tomorrow night all of this will be behind us and we’ll be focused on getting my dad up and moving so that he can get home as quickly as possible.

So, with all of this, I feel the need to send a little good karma out into the world.  First of all, I want to say a gigantic huge thank you to any and all of you who were kind enough to donate to Team LilyBug for the Toronto Buddy Walk this weekend! We feel incredibly supported and were genuinely shocked at your generosity – including our anonymous donors (who, by the way, should at least make themselves known to us so that we can say thank you properly!).  We certainly weren’t expecting to raise a lot of funds, and were just hoping to do our small part to raise awareness around Down syndrome, but it has ended up with a pleasant surprise and we’re so incredibly grateful.  If you’re interested in donating, or joining us for a 3km walk on Saturday morning, you can check out our page here!



Lily with one of her favourite guys, Joey, who will be walking with us on Saturday!

I also want to say thank you to the 77 people out there who have registered to become Organ Donors as part of our campaign! Our original goal was to get 50 people registered and when we hit that, we doubled our goal to 100 people and now we’re almost there! Let’s just do the simple math on that.  Each organ donor can save up to 8 lives.  77 new donors x 8 = 616 saved lives.  That’s the size of a small elementary school! If you haven’t signed up, please just take 2 minutes today to sign up.  You can follow the link to join our campaign. To become a hero – a person who saves the lives of 8 people and helps countless others – all you need is your health card and 2 minutes.  2 minutes to save 8 lives…you can’t tell me that you’ve ever accomplished so much in such a short amount of time.  Or, wait until tomorrow and when you’re having an unproductive moment at work, come back here, follow the link to register and then you can justify the 20 minutes you spent reading Buzzfeed.   Then, share the link and convince the people you love to register as well.   Do it for me, do it for my dad, and of course, do it for Lily!

77 people!!

77 people!!


60% is a Passing Grade


That’s a pretty amazing number.  It wasn’t some big amazing goal to start with, but we’re at 60% and I’m proud and grateful! So please keep sharing this page, please keep telling people you know….because think about the difference that 50 people will make….

1. For each donor, up to 8 people’s lives can be saved by donating vital organs; 50 x 8 = 400.  400 lives changed!

2. For each donor, up to another 50 people’s live can be made better – corneas, skin, tissue, the list goes on.  50 x 50 = 2500!

I don’t know a lot about math, but I know that those are amazing numbers.  We’ve seen the difference than organ dontation can make and it’s beyond anything you can imagine.  And again, one day it could be Lily and if that day comes, you’re going to be able to look at this post, remember that you’ve registered and know that you’re helping to save a lot of lives…

Be A Donor – Do it for Lily!