Oh excuse me, that’s just my ego

Sometimes it’s hard for me not to get a big head.  I mean, seriously people, I know that I’m cute.  I know that when I glance up at people and give them my squishy face smile, that people melt.  I may only be 16 months old, but I certainly know how to use my cuteness to my advantage.  The mom’s say that I’m learning to be manipulative.  I’ve picked up this little girl cry and I just have to turn it on at the right moment and everyone just stops what they’re doing to pay attention to me.  It’s an impressive power that I have.

But I digress.

The thing is, people are always telling me how I cute I am.  I know that I make a lot of jokes about it on here, but sometimes it’s a little crazy.  Now granted, most of the people who notice already know me in real life, but that’s beyond the point.  Over the weekend one of Mommy’s oldest and best friends, Rita (and her assistant Mike), came to take some photo’s of me.  It was really a lot of fun – I got to sit and just play and hang out while Rita (and her assistant Mike) tried to make me smile for them (I wouldn’t.  I’m a bit of a stinker that way).  Now, with all of their amazing photography skills, the whole world can see, in print, how cute I really am.

First, they took some of me, just being adorable…

No photo shoot would be complete without a cute dog added to the mix (thanks Belle for putting in an appearance!)

And the mom’s had to sneak their way in too…

But my very favourite pictures, are the ones with my Bravery Beads.  These are the beads that I got while I was in the hospital (and just keep accumulating).  Every single bead on the strand represents something that I’ve been through – finger pokes, MRI’s, surgeries, that time I got to ride in an ambulance…I’m pretty proud of those beads….