Buddy Walk!

In 1995, in a little town called New York City, a little event was held for the first time called the Buddy Walk.  It was organized by the National Down Syndrome Society and was created to raise awareness and funds for people living with Down syndrome and their families.  Over the years it has grown and grown and in 2014 there will be 300 Buddy Walks happening across the globe!

And one of the best ones happens in our own backyard – the 2nd Annual Buddy Walk in Toronto!

Last year, we sadly had to miss out on this event and we were broken-hearted.  Spending a day surrounded by the amazing members of the Down syndrome community is like an all-day party – laughter, fun, sunshine! So, this year, we made a promise that we’re going to be there and we’re hoping you’ll come out and join us!

We know, know with every fibre of our being, how much Lily is loved by our friends and family and one of the greatest experiences of our lives has been watching that love grow since the day Lily came home to us almost 3 years ago.  What would be great is if we could show everyone else in Toronto, in the world, just how many people this little girl has touched.

So, if you can join us on Saturday, May 10th, we would love to have you! No other committment is required, other than showing up in some comfortable walking shoes and being ready to have a great time, all while walking and raising Down syndrome awareness. It’s time to show the world that Down syndrome is something to celebrate!  If you can’t make it, but feel like showing us some love through a donation to the Team Lily Bug campaign, we’d be happy to accept that as well.

You can follow the link here to see our page, or just touch base with me if you’d like more information about joining us on May 10th!

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