A Little Bit Naughty

The mom’s would be a little mad if they knew I was writing this post, but there’s just something I think you all need to really understand: the mom’s are a really bad influence on me.

You know, it started off pretty innocently.  When I spent so much time in the hospital last summer and Mama C was working really hard to get me to drink from a bottle, Mommy decided to widen my palate with my first taste of Swedish Berries.  I love to stick my tongue out and taste that pretty red sweetness.  Then when I got home and we went to the CNE, the mom’s let me have a taste of ice cream.

Other times, they let me go outside without a hat! I really like the feel of the wind on my face, so sometimes the mom’s let me sit outside for a little while and just enjoy the wind.  This week especially, while the weather has been so nice, the mom’s have been really great about letting me just enjoy the sunshine.  When Gramma and Pa came to visit this week, we waited outside and the mom’s didn’t make me wear a hat OR a sweater! (I thought Gramma was going to get really mad!).

But the time that the mom’s are the worst influence is actually at night.  Sometimes, when they are hooking up my g tube for my last meal of the night they have to move me around a little bit to get to my tube and I wake up a little bit.  Now I don’t know much, but I do now that I’m a growing girl and I need my sleep.  But apparently the mom’s don’t agree: they think that this is the time for them to pick me up and make me giggle.  It’s partly my own fault because I usually wake up in a good mood and I’m so smiley even late at night.  And lately, I’ve been moving all around in my sleep and just after being in bed for just an hour or two I’ve managed to wrap my blanket all around me and I’ve turned 180 degrees, and they seem to think this is extra funny. I’m telling you, they’re really bad people.

On a slightly different topic, I’m doing a great job with learning how to sit up.  I’m strong enough now to actually sit up in a high chair all by myself!  The mom’s tried when we were out at a resturant one night and I was so happy.  Then, this week when we went to Gramma and Pa’s for Mama C’s birthday, I sat in the high chair at their place for so long.  I’m also getting really great at talking up a storm.  I don’t like to talk so much when people are talking to me, but if you leave me alone then I just start chatting and chatting and then I get louder and louder until I’ve figured out how to yell.  I’m especially good at yelling in the morning…I’ve decided that if I’m awake, I think the mom’s should be too.

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