Today the mom’s decided that there had been enough being not so happy about all this seizure stuff going on.  I have to admit that it wasn’t a great weekend.  The medication has been making me very tired (which the mom’s don’t seem to mind sooo much because apparently I’m into a good “routine”).  But I’ve stopped smiling at them and sometimes get a little lost in my own thoughts and I forget to look up at them.  But, they have noticed that I’ve been looking at lots of bright and shiny things, so they decided to help me in their own unique way…

They bought me a fish!! He’s very pretty and bright blue and just swims around making bubbles and splashing the water like I do in the bath (but I don’t hear the mom’s telling HIM that he has to splash with both arms, uh, fins).  We actually went to the pet store yesterday to get him, but apparently all the fish at that store had died because they were displayed too close to the front door and they got too cold (they should have talked to me, I could have told them how to make a come back).  So, while we got the stuff to make his house all nice yesterday, we finally went and picked him up from a different store today.

He’s very pretty, but if I’m being perfectly honest, I would have preferred a guinea pig.  While we were at the pet store today I was a little whiny so Mama C took me over to look at the birds and the reptiles and the hamsters, but as soon and she kneeled down so that I could look at the guinea pigs, I just stopped whining and sat watching them.  They are almost as cute as I am.  Someone walking by warned Mama C that they make a lot of noise, but she just laughed and said that they would just fit right in.  I think I heard her trying to convince Mommy that I should have one of those too, but I’m not sure who won that battle because I fell asleep.

So, now the fishy is at home in his new house, which we made all pretty with some rocks and a plant, but the very best part is that the mom’s let me name him all by myself!  This is what I picked….


The mom’s say that we will have to  spell it phonetically (whatever that means), so I hope you’ll all be as nice to Aaahrah as you are to me!

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