Quick Catch Up

After I’ve been sick, the mom’s get really happier when I start to feel better.  Not just because I’m feeling better and they don’t like to see me sick and hurting, but mostly because I jump from zero to 60 in a matter of hours.  I go from being clingy and cranky to kicking my feet, rocking all around and smiling from ear to ear before they even know what’s going on.

I had been feeling really sick over the Christmas break.  I had a cold that just didn’t want to go away.  I was coughing and stuffy and feverish and I just didn’t want to be put down at all.  It didn’t matter who was holding me (which was kind of nice for the mom’s because at least they could pass me off when they had to do things), but I was only happy when I was snuggled into someone’s chest.  The mom’s were sick too and we just kept making each other miserable, especially at nights when we were staying at Grandpa’s – we were all sharing one bedroom and so when the mom’s would cough, I would wake up and cry and then I would only sleep if they were holding me, so then they ended up staying up all night with me, which made it harder for them to get better.  It was a very bad cycle.  But then we finally got home and after another couple days of good rest (and just in time for Mama C to go back to work), I started to feel better all around.

It wasn’t really so bad, except for the night that we finally got to have our Christmas dinner with Gramma and Pa, and Auntie CC, Uncle Rico, Thor and my almost-here cousin.  I was miserable that night, even though I got some very cool presents, including the biggest Slinky I have ever seen!!  While I couldn’t really appreciate it that night, now I love it so so much!

Beyond actually being sick, I’m doing really well.  I really think that my vision is getting better in leaps and bounds.  Lately I’ve been looking up more and making a lot more eye contact.  I love rolling over and seeing the mom’s in the morning and smiling when I see their faces.  Sometimes I still need to be encouraged to look up and see what’s happening around me, but we can definitely see an improvement and so we’re all pretty happy!  I didn’t gain a lot of weight between December and January, so we need to work a little bit harder on making me grow faster, but hopefully before we know it, I’ll be breaking 20 pounds.  As long as I get there before my soon-to-be-here cousin, then I’ll be happy with how I’m doing.

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