Naptime and Soccer and Bubbles….Oh My!

I had a really really really great day today.  It started early, around 6:45am.  This is the second morning in a row that I`ve chosen to wake the mom`s up with my beautiful voice just cooing into the monitor that they so nicely put above my face (so Mommy can hear me breathing).  I think it`s a great way to wake up but the mom`s are starting to look a little groggy.  I think they were used to the Lily who slept until at least 8am everyday.  Mommy and I spent some quiet time together before we got my dog Ellie ready and we had to take her to the vet.  The mom`s had noticed that Ellie had been limping and so they had cancelled the dog walker and made Ellie rest for 2 weeks, but the limp was only getting worse and Ellie had stopped eating too and dropped weight really quickly (we`re a lot alike, me and Ellie).  So, it was off to the vet for Ellie so that she could be sedated and given an x-ray.

Once we got back from the vet, Mommy and I went into the mom`s bedroom and we ended up crawling back into bed with Mama C and we all settled in for a nice family nap (a far cry from the mom`s who said that I would only sleep in a crib – I fooled them!).  It turns out that Mama C didn`t actually sleep that much but it was still really nice and before we knew it I was a little bit late for lunch and the mom`s had to hurry us out the door so that we could go and have lunch with Roxann.  Roxann works with Mama C and they like to have lunch together and talk about all the stuff that`s going on that Mama C shouldn`t care about right now because all of her attention should be focused directly on me.  But it was pretty fun and I let Roxann hold me without fussing which is more than I had given her before.  I guess I have to get used to the idea of Mama C being with Roxann all day instead of me, but no one said that I had to like it.

We got home from that outing and it was only a short time later that the mom`s got me dressed so that we could go out again! This time we were going to meet up with Auntie CC, Uncle Rico and Thor, plus Gramma and Pa, and Dale and Heather (this was actually my first time meeting Heather, but I know why Mama C likes her so much now.  She`s very nice and has great hair – I`m going to get tips from her one day).  We met at a park and watched my Thor play in his last soccer game of the summer.  He was very nice to me and gave me a kiss everytime that he came over to get some water.  Once his game was over, all the grown-up`s decided to walk to get ice cream.  I was pretty tired at that poing, but Uncle Rico carried me and my gtube back-pack, and by the time we got to the ice cream place I was happy again. 

After ice cream, and after saying goodnight to Gramma, Pa, Heather and Dale.  The rest of us packed up to walk back to our cars when we noticed the fountain at Danforth and Jones was doing something funny….it was spitting out bubbles!! Someone (someone wonderful) had put soap in the fountain and it was filled with huge amounts of bubbles and foam.  The grown-up`s took us over to see it and before I knew what was happening, Thor and Mama C had climbed right in and were splashing all around! And then, with no warning at all, Uncle Rico scooped me up and handed me to Mama C so that I could join in on the action! I was happy for a little bit, but then realized that this was essentially a giant bathtub and I hate baths, so it was time for me to be done.  But Thor and Mama C just kept playing.  Finally, Auntie CC saw how close it was to bedtime and we wrapped up our adventure for the day.  It was pretty fun all around and I think that if this is what life is like outside of Sick Kids, that I really will try and stay out of that place!

2 thoughts on “Naptime and Soccer and Bubbles….Oh My!

  1. Glad you enjoyed the fountain (and glad something came up when I googled it! Lol)
    Next time I promise to use more bubble bombs!

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