Staying Put

I’m home again.  I’m hoping to stay here for quite some time because as much as I love Sick Kids when I have to be there, after 66 days I was ready to be back at my real home with just me, the mom’s and my dog Ellie.

The doctor’s finally decided to let me go last Saturday, when they saw that I was eating really well after my G-tube surgery.  They were really happy with how much and how fast I’m eatting and they even said that the mom’s could keep trying to feed me more during the day so that they could cut out an overnight feed, which means more sleep for everyone (Mama C is especially glad to hear that!).

You would think that after all that time in the hospital, that the mom’s would want to take it easy when we first got home, but we’ve been moving and grooving since Saturday afternoon.  We were barely home for 2 hours, when the mom’s decided that we were going to meet Mommy’s friends Issac and Jodi for lunch in the park.  We spent some time there and then the mom’s took me for a walk on the Danforth – they picked up some dinner and I had a really great nap. On Sunday we had visitors Grandma and Grandpa Elliott, Uncle Jeff and Auntie Marina, and new relatives from a place called New Brunswick, my Great Aunt Maureen and Great Uncle Jon (who was really nice and told me that a bunch of people in Perth-Andover were praying for me too!).  There was also a blackout that day, which was fine until 8pm when Mama C started freaking out a bit because there was no water to warm my formula AND one of my medications has to be in the refrigerator and gets really unstable if it gets warm.  Luckily, very shortly after Mama C started to get all frantic, the lights came on again and we had a very nice night at home together.

On Monday I got to see my Jason and Theresa and I saw them again today too (but this time with Joey, so it was super fun!).  We also went and spent some time with Gramma and Pa this afternoon, which I liked a lot because Pa got to hold me and he’s never really done that before.  Tomorrow I’m going to the Scarborough Town Centre with Mommy and Telly and I have no idea what the mom’s have planned for the rest of the week, but it looks like it will all be fun!

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