A Rare Face…

A mom post tonight.  They were able to pull the temporary Ng tube yesterday because our Lily is doing so well with her G-tube feeds.  It’s a gorgeous face that’s been lurking behind that tube.  A tube, that we’re now seeing must have been far more irritating and uncomfortable then we had ever thought because the personality change we have seen in the last 24 hours is remarkable.  Lily has always been a happy, content baby but now she’s smiling all of the time, she let me brush her hair (getting all of the tangles out) and put in the pigtails without a peep and even let the nurse and I do her dressing change (which normally causes a total breakdown) without a single tear.  Between stretching out her vein and getting rid of the Ng tube, it feels like we’re bringing home an entirely new kid.  She’s amazing.

One thought on “A Rare Face…

  1. That is so good to hear Crystal, she is so cute! I hear she may be getting home soon… you must be glad to hear that news! Maybe you, Jess and Lily will be able to enjoy some sunner together outside.
    Way to go Lily!
    Love all around!

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