Another Day, Another Trick

I know you have all been so supportive and amazing with Lily so I thought I would blog a quick update since I may not get another chance for a bit.

Lily had been doing well (as well as expected) after our event on thursday. They
had pulled her off the ventilator but still needed a little oxygen help but
overall the doctors were happy if not still unsure about what caused everything.

Yesterday however, Lily started having seizures. They started randomly and only
lasting 5 – 10 seconds but by the time they did an EEG at 3pm , it showed that she had 5 seizures in 30 minutes, some lasting as long as a minute. They
ran a CT scan last night and the report was not so great: her brain is swollen and there are signs of injury that were caused by the lack of oxygen to the brain while she was in cardiac arrest.

They are not able to tell yet how significant the damage is – although she will
have an MRI in the next 24 hours to help determine the exact area of the
damage.  They started her on seizure medication last night and she hasn’t had any seizures since then. She’s made, what we think, is a little eye contact
today and has grasped our fingers a little bit. There’s no way of knowing
what this means for the long term but these are certainly good signs.

So, if you haven’t used them all up, please keep sending those positive thoughts
and hopefully soon we can update with actually positive news soon

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