Everything’s Gonna Be Alright

I’ve been home for about 48 hours now and I have to say that this isn’t such a bad gig.  My room rocks, although I guess it’s not quite done yet because Mama C keeps bugging Mommy about doing something called “hanging pictures”.  I don’t know what it means but it sounds important.  My dog Ellie keeps sticking her nose in my face, especially when I’m crying, to make sure that I’m still hanging tough  and people just keep coming over to check out how cute I am (I try really hard to please in that category – I’m being more smiley with everyone and they think it’s pretty adorable.  I saw Mee Maw and Uncle Jeff and Auntie Marina.  Grandma and Grandpa E came over this morning, and I met two new people, Mike and Rita.  I like Mike a lot – he’s pretty funny and they’re cooking me up a friend right now so soon I’ll have even more people to hang out with.







Yesterday Mama C and I had a really nice and relaxing morning.  I ate really well for her so we weren’t so stressed out about my ng tube flying all over the place.  We sang some songs and had some tummy time before she got me all dressed up in one of my new outfits before Mommy came and took me out on an adventure to somewhere called the Earl Beatty Fun Fair.  There were so many things there – a bouncy slide, twisty ladders, a ball hockey tournament and of course lots of people who were very surprised to meet me! Mommy had kept very quiet about my arrival (just in case I decided to go and live somewhere else) so a lot of people from her work and who have known her for a long time were very happy to meet me.












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