Home Sweet Home

Today was my biggest day so far (at least as far as I can remember, but I am a baby so there’s not a whole lot that I remember).

I got up this morning and I was at Barb’s house.  She bathed me and fed me and put me in a beautiful purple outfit and even put a purple clip in my hair.  I didn’t quite understand the fuss until she reminded me that today was Homecoming Day! Today is the day that I get to go and live with the mom’s forever!!

We all met down at Sick Kids hospital where we had a busy afternoon.  First I got weighed and even though I lost a little bit of weight from being sick last week, I’ve still gained weight from the last time I was there so everyone was happy.  I weigh 10lbs 14oz now and I’m 60cm tall! That’s not as big as typical kids my age, but it’s good for me!

Then the yucky part happened.  Mommy and Mama C hadn’t been taught how to change my Ng tube incase it gets moved or I pull it out.  So the nice nurse Stephanie gave a quick lesson to Mommy and she put a new one in for me.  I really don’t like when that happens (you wouldn’t like it either if someone was sticking a tube down your nose that went all the way down your throat and into your belly) but I think that I handled it really well; I only cried a little and I barely choked on it at all!

Next we changed rooms and I got to see my heart doctor (the mom’s call her my cardiologist).  She asked the mom’s a lot of questions about how I was feeling and my colour and my eating and then said that I looked good (I could have just told her that!).  The she told us that my heart surgery is booked for June 21st, so in less than 1 month I should have a heart that works as well as everyone else!

Once we finished up with the doctor it was time for me to say goodbye to Barb.  I know that the mom’s want to see her again but it was still a bit sad.  I can’t believe she has been a mama to 120 kids and she still managed to love all of us so very much.  I think she was a bit sad to say goodbye to me too but she did it quick because I think it’s a little less hard that way.

So then, me and the mom’s drove home! Well maybe not directly home.  Mommy says that Mama C can’t go straight anywhere – she always thinks of another place to stop.  This time we stopped at a place called Carters and the mom’s brought me inside to buy a whole bunch of clothes – I’m going to be one stylish girl!  We stayed there for a long time and then the mom’s brought me to meet Jason, Theresa and Joey.  I really like Joey and I think he might like me too.  He kept trying to give me his toy car and gave me lots and lots of hugs.  At one point he even climbed right into Mama C’s lap with me.  I hope we get to hang out with him again soon!

Finally we got home and I was tuckered out by then.  The mom’s changed my diaper, put on my sleep sack and before I even realized what was happening I was happily in my crib and sound asleep.

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